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Centennial Parkside

Community Development Corporation 


Centennial Parkside Community Development Corporation is honored to be the proud host of the Black Man's Conference 2021. Established in 2015 by founder Christopher Scott (not pictured) the non-profit organization continues to mark milestones for East Parkside. "I am excited about what's going on and what's coming to East Parkside. You guys at the Centennial Parkside CDC are doing great work ... stay encouraged." These words shared by an East Parkside resident express the sentiment of a neighborhood determined to thrive and grow in unity and pride despite these times of challenges and unrest. Now, with the committed leadership of an active board of directors, staff, president Alexandra McFadden, and executive director Christopher Spahr, the year of prayer and hope experienced throughout 2020 makes way for promise.

CPCDC works to preserve, promote and revitalize East Parkside through partnerships with businesses and institutions and programs that engage residents, increase opportunity and grow a diverse and thriving community. CPCDC intentionally supports Black Lives Matter and the safety of all men to exist without the restraints of prejudice, violence or inequity. A belief that community engagement requires that every resident feels that they have the right to work toward and have voices for the positive changes they deserve is primarily the foundation of transparency. Centennial Parkside Community Development Corporation partners with organizations that align with core values in order to advance in areas such as programming, housing, and the cleaning, greening and beautification of the East Parkside neighborhood.

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