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A Wellness Celebration

for the Autonomous BLACK MAN

Virtual Docu-Discussions and Safely Activated Spaces 


Online and Onsite throughout EAST PARKSIDE in WEST PHILADELPHIA 

The Event

You Are Invited  to Save the Dates of June 18th through the 25th. Join us for a Week of  Virtual Docu - discussions about Peace, Wellness, Unity, Awareness, Mental Health & Healing for the EMPOWERMENT and SUPPORT of 


Find our talks online at:


The Mission

  • To AMPLIFY the voices of Black Men - candidly, without filter, and unapologetically through real talks and conversations with peers and organizations.

  • To FORTIFY, validate and 'exactify' the greatness of African American Men by assisting through action initiatives and resourcing to rediscover what lies within.

  • To CELEBRATE what makes our BROTHERS of COLOR unique and valuable.

The Talks

Virtual pre-recorded and on-site conversations throughout the week of Juneteenth. Hear thoughts and gain insight through stories and wisdom from respected Black Male educators, activists, neighbors, youth, and community leaders shared via various social media platforms and scheduled community site locations. 

Parkside is West Philly STRONG

No Foul, No Fear Focus Discussion Group for Young Black Men (pictured) United They Stand.

12 Fearless Voices who Inspired the Centennial Parkside CDC BLACK MAN'S CONFERENCE

The Black Man's Conference was conceived by a group of young African American Men from the Parkside and greater West Philadelphia  community who formed "No Foul, No Fear" focus group. This intentional safe space of autonomy  for Black Male expression was necessitated after the killing of George Floyd and the social unrest of riots and violence throughout the City. This group wanted to find a constructive way to channel their frustrations by fostering  positive change within their own neighborhoods.

Centennial Parkside Community Development Corporation respects and adheres to all public safety guidelines and regulations. 

The American Account of


Do you know why Black folks celebrate Juneteenth each year on June 19th ? It's because on the date of June 19th, 1865 Civil War soldiers rode into (Galveston) Texas with news that the war had ended and that all enslaved were FREE.

...this news however was brought two and a half years after President Abe Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation ...


hmmm ... go figure. 


Please read: "Why Juneteenth Matters"

by Jamelle Bouie New York Times

DSC04596 edtlr.jpg

Turn On and Tune In during Juneteenth Week 2021

Visit the BMC  schedule section on the menu bar for more information about on-site safely spaced FAMILY GUMBO MIX  activities on Saturday Juneteenth 19th and the June 20th Spirit Sunday Sunrise Yoga and Historical Community Walk !  

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